Since many of you are starting to ask for a sneak peek into Blockchain Mavericks, I’ll let you know a little more about why we’re putting this book together. The below also contains some extracts from our interviews.

” I thought in January 2013 after reading that punchy Bloomberg piece “”. It was the first non-tech blog article about bitcoin that I had ever come across, so it seemed like a big deal. A few months back, I had spent a sleepless night reading about BTC in my Oxford…

I walked into a Starbucks the other day. While waiting for my Matcha Soy Latte (that’s right), I had a chat with the barista. She’s studying industrial engineering. On the side, she works as a DJ and a barista. She composes her own tracks and has a cool track-record of gigs. She said that

Their stories are close to my heart, too. When I was a teen, I hit a crisis…

When the Soviets installed missiles on Cuban soil in 1962, they were pretty damn sure of what would happen next. To avoid mutual destruction, the US would just warn the Soviets to retire. A nuclear attack from the US would result in themselves being nuked by the Soviets a few minutes later. And if the Soviets attacked the US first, they’d be nuked right back too So what happened in Cuba? Your history teacher might have given you a fancier explanation, but it’s quite simple — the US warned the Soviets and the Soviets retired. Better than mutually nuking each…

Alessandra Sollberger

Investor: impact, biotech, blockchain tech. Founder: Top Tier Impact. Into sci-fi & extreme sports.

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